Oxbow is a cooperative gallery, owned and operated by its artist members. The number of members is approximately 40. Openings for new members occur when a standing member resigns. The Coop does not expect to take new applications during 2022.

Membership is full for 2022. If you register below, you will receive an email when an opening occurs in the future.


DUES 2022

1-year Full Membership $1120 for one Artist 

1-year Shared Membership $570 each Artist – artists must apply as a pair

1-year Sitter Membership. $586 each Sitter - requires gallery desk duty of one 5-hour shift per month:

Sitters open and close the gallery, greet visitors, answer the phone, and sell work.

Exhibits are open 16 days each month. Gallery hours are Thurs – Sun, 12 – 5

The Gallery takes no commission on sales.



Members manage all aspects of the gallery: Administration, maintenance, calendars, etc. Members are required to join a working committee. Digital skills are important for all applicants. All members are expected to attend 2 annual meetings, summer and winter, in person.  Zoom will be offered. 



During a 3-year cycle, a member’s solo shows occur once in the front gallery and once in the back gallery. Shared memberships show the partners together in one room. For solo exhibits, each artist advertises, installs and offers a reception at her/his own cost. Oxbow also presents two group shows annually, and every member may participate. Other benefits: Presence on the Oxbow website, a key to the gallery and address lists for local publicity.


APPLICATIONS (when an opening occurs, we will send you application instructions.)

Please submit your contact information and the date below.

Jurying will be handled by a committee of members. 

Direct questions to: Joan Dix Blair,

Please use the form below to inquire about becoming a member