Oxbow is a cooperative gallery owned and operated by the 50 member artists. Openings for new members occur when a standing member resigns. We are currently accepting applications for membership.


The Oxbow Gallery is a member-run cooperative gallery in the heart of the Cottage Street Cultural District in Easthampton, MA. Established in 2003, The Oxbow Gallery has grown to 50 members. Monthly shows feature work by regional artists including painting, sculpture, fiber, photography & installation.

A 3-year membership commitment includes a front gallery show & a back gallery show, plus participation in member shows, and community events (for example monthly Easthampton Art Walk and representation on The Oxbow Gallery website with a link to artists websites). All proceeds from sales of work go to the artist.

Application Process for the Future:

Round 1:

Email the following materials to The Oxbow Gallery - • 5 images of recent work (JPEG 72 dpi - no bigger than 1000kb)

• image list with date, media, size & title of each piece

• contact information & link to artist website or Instagram account if available

Round 2:

  • Finalists selected from Round 1 will be notified to bring the following:
  • 2 pieces of recent work to The Oxbow Gallery at 40 Cottage St. Easthampton
  • A resume / CV
  • An artist statement
  • A short statement of your interest in joining a cooperative gallery (previous committee
  • Work, relevant skills & interest in possible jobs - examples: hanging group shows, painting/patching, grant writing, publicity, writing press releases, social media, organizing Oxbow events, participation in community art events)
  • Type of membership interested in: if open to more than one?
  • • Full Member - $1120 annual dues
  • • Shared member - $570 annual dues per person must apply & be accepted together • Sitting member - $586 annual dues - requires one 5 hour shift at the gallery per month.
  • Oxbow Gallery hours Thursday - Sunday 12-5. Friday 2-7
  • Questions? Email Diane Travis @


DUES 2024

1-year Full Membership $1120 for one Artist 

1-year Shared Membership $570 each Artist – artists must apply as a pair

1-year Sitter Membership. $586 each Sitter - requires gallery desk duty of one 5-hour shift per month:

Sitters open and close the gallery, greet visitors, answer the phone, and sell work.

Exhibits are open 16 days each month. Gallery hours are Thurs – Sun, 12 – 5, Friday 2 -- 7.

The Gallery takes no commission on sales.



Members manage all aspects of the gallery: Administration, maintenance, calendars, etc. Members are required to join a working committee. Digital skills are important, and members are required to attend an annual meeting in-person of by zoom.



There are two separate exhibition spaces. During a 3-year membership cycle, a member is assigned a solo show once in each gallery. Shared memberships show together in one room. Each artist advertises, installs, and offers a reception as a personal expense. Oxbow also presents two group shows annually, and every member may participate. Other benefits are presence on the website, a key to the gallery, and address lists for regional publicity.



To be notified of a future membership opening, please complete the form below. We keep a chronologic list of interested artists. You will receive an email “Call for Applications.”

Send any questions to Joan Dix Blair,

Please use the form below to inquire about becoming a member