Oxbow is a cooperative gallery owned and operated by the 44 member artists. Openings for new members occur when a standing member resigns. We do not expect to take new applications in 2022.


DUES 2022

1-year Full Membership $1120 for one Artist 

1-year Shared Membership $570 each Artist – artists must apply as a pair

1-year Sitter Membership. $586 each Sitter - requires gallery desk duty of one 5-hour shift per month:

Sitters open and close the gallery, greet visitors, answer the phone, and sell work.

Exhibits are open 16 days each month. Gallery hours are Thurs – Sun, 12 – 5, Friday 12 -- 7.

The Gallery takes no commission on sales.



Members manage all aspects of the gallery: Administration, maintenance, calendars, etc. Members are required to join a working committee. Digital skills are important, and members are required to attend an annual meeting in-person of by zoom.



There are two separate exhibition spaces. During a 3-year membership cycle, a member is assigned a solo show once in each gallery. Shared memberships show together in one room. Each artist advertises, installs, and offers a reception as a personal expense. Oxbow also presents two group shows annually, and every member may participate. Other benefits are presence on the website, a key to the gallery, and address lists for regional publicity.



To be notified of a future membership opening, please complete the form below. We keep a chronologic list of interested artists. You will receive an email “call for applications.”

Send any questions to Joan Dix Blair,

Please use the form below to inquire about becoming a member