More about Kamini
Kamini Avril has always loved drawing and painting, and finally, after decades of varying degrees of a creative block,
has rediscovered the raw enjoyment left behind after high school.
Interlochen Arts Academy in MI was that school, and provided lifelong skills and knowledge in a variety of media -
besides painting and drawing was ceramic art, wood and stone carving and metalwork.
She received a BFA from California Institute of the Arts, attended the Yale at Norfolk Summer Program and took an
MFA from Bennington College in 1980. She was awarded a Guggenheim Fellow in Painting.
Her work went through many “styles”, primarily either representational or abstract, with the occasional combination of both.
While working from observation continued, it lessened as her interest in being surprised by what the imagination might reveal intensified. Throughout, being immersed in the physicality of the materials, of one’s own body’s movements and how this
encourages invention has been central to her.

There was the strong desire to learn about oneself through the practice, and to communicate deep feeling, often through a kind of non-linear storytelling.

In the past few years a shift gradually took place. Those interests are still there, but the focus has become more on the world observed and the innumerable mysteries of perception, as re-created through memory and making.

Avril has enjoyed teaching and visiting lecturer opportunities, in the US and in India.

She has shown her work in NYC, Skidmore College, Union College, Rhode Island College, Miss Porter’s School and others.

She is a member of Bowery Gallery in NYC and Oxbow Gallery in Easthampton, MA.

Her website is: and she posts her work likewise on IG.