More about Katherine

I am fascinated by the subjectivity of perception and how art exalts unique vision and interpretation while communicating shared meaning.

The sensual and evocative image of the human figure has always been my muse. I studied many traditions of figurative art before beginning my graduate studies at the New York Academy of Art. There, I sought to harness the narrative powers and timeless structure of the Renaissance artists that had deeply inspired me during my year of study in Florence, Italy.

Recently, I have been exploring how I can reformulate these conventions in personal and contemporary ways. My main pursuit has been merging idiosyncratic marks from my figure drawings with considerations of color and texture of paint. The image and shapes create a dialogue for me as I work. Whereas a story initiates my process in my more representational paintings, the narrative unfolds as patterns develop in more abstract pieces.

Balancing instinct with structure, and representation with abstraction, I seek to distill the figure’s graceful geometry, its fleshy luminosity, and expressive gestures. Ultimately, I hope to convey beyond what can be perceived.

Reiterating the same image and experimenting with new mediums (gouache, pastel, mylar, inkjet prints, and collage…) offers me insights and freedoms. While my process and technique continue to evolve, my methodology remains moored by the traditions of Humanism, always returning to the principal constructs essential to both the human form and the framework of the painting. I enjoy a sense of fellowship as I try and find my place in the historical exploration of how art can embody our human experience.