More about Elizabeth

Ms. Caine painted people and objects for 30 years. Next she became interested in landscapes, specifically the big vistas of the American West. From 2008-2016 she visited Teton National Park yearly, painted on site and created large paintings in her studio. Creating larger pieces gave way to an interest in paintings as an installation. “I am interested in the act of painting, the use of materials and color but also intrigued with the atmosphere that is created by showing large pieces together in a small/medium space and the emotional impact this atmosphere has on the viewer. I like the idea of art encircling the audience, of physically taking the viewer through a setting that is created by paintings, not just looking at one painting on a wall”. This idea of painting as an installation is reflected in her latest large painting, “Hedda Flying”. However, Ms. Caine still loves painting individual canvas. Personal expression remains a most valued characteristic of her art.