More about Ron

Ron Michaud taught painting, drawing and color theory for 35 years, initially at Westfield State University and subsequently at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. In addition to teaching, he held several administrative appointments at both institutions. His studio practice evolved and grew from his years of color research and his fascination with color and vision. -- “Color, as a characteristic of human vision, is a major component of nearly all visual art making. Even when it is expressly absent from a work, color often evokes its own presence. Human vision is typically designed to perceive a world filled with color and the physics of light provides only a partial explanation. The range of human color perception also involves a sophisticated interpretive collaboration between the eye and the brain. For most of us, this results in reliable visual explanations of the world around us.” -- His current paintings explore these ideas and themes through the evocative landscapes associated with the lost town of Dana in Central Massachusetts.

His work is in national and international private and public collections.