More about Edda

Born in Iceland, Edda moved to the US in the 80s and after a long career as a successful graphic designer, she currently devotes her full time to fine art and printmaking. Accepted as a member to Zea Mays Printmaking studio in Florence, Massachusetts in February 2017, she has enjoyed great opportunities working and exhibiting her work in museums and galleries. Edda is also a member of California Society of Printmakers, The Boston Printmakers, New England Monotype Guild and Oxbow Gallery of Northampton, Massachusetts.

Growing up in Iceland has had an immense effect on Edda’s sense of visual delight, color and form. The landscape of mountains, waterfalls and rivers, lakes, volcanoes, glaciers and black sand. Few trees allow unobstructed views far and wide and she feels a bit obsessed with horizons! Edda finds that she draws on these visual memories in her art.

Edda has works in several mediums within printmaking: monotype, silkscreen, intaglio, photopolymer-gravure and photo etching.