More about Doreen

The events of the last two years have led me to reflect on humankind’s relationship with each other as well as with nature. We are all one creation, not separate or above, just individual facets of a living, breathing whole. Division, aggression, suppression, exploitation and extremism seem to threaten the balance, serenity, productivity and peace of that whole.

These works are a meditation on these relationships. The use of repetitive shapes and mark-making is a new experience and has proven to be cathartic for me. The subject matter of each piece was born from social concerns and an environmental consciousness. The choice of metallic paints, gears, grids, and shapes all have symbolic meaning. The results of these pieces are “by chance” but some of the elements in them are not.

Also, during the course of these mark-making meditations, a unification of my multiple processes revealed itself and sent me in a very new and exciting direction. This “breakthrough” brought together the energy & spontaneity of my plein air work with the abstraction & concept of my studio work, as well as the meditations I began during our Covid isolation.

Along with this new way of working, something very personal also revealed itself during this period. Recently pondering why I felt such comfort, excitement and hope in this process, the realization hit me that they are familiar patterns, fabric and textures from my early childhood, when the world I naively lived in felt safe. In a sense, the memories of my past seem to be reaching out to comfort me in the present.

These pieces subconsciously called to me and begged to come to life. It is my hope they will touch the viewer and also serve as a source of meditation and reflection for those of you who choose to spend a little time with them.

Peace and love to you all.

Doreen LaScola