More about Catherine

I have been interested in art my whole life. In the past fifteen years, however, my interest in painting has developed into a genuine passion to create – for the finished work – but also for the unpredictable process in getting there. Painting has become a critical form of expression for me – communicating experiences, thoughts, and feelings – and making concrete the intangible. My work has evolved over the years, but the basic tenet is that of an “internal landscape” presented through shape, color, texture and abstract images.

I have been in education for 25 years. I started as a fourth grade teacher, but have spent most of my career in higher education in teacher education programs. One month after I was accepted into the Oxbow Gallery (May 2013) I also accepted a position at Mount Holyoke College where I currently direct their teacher licensure programs.

My Process

Many paintings exist below the surface of my finished pieces – created and recreated within days, weeks, months or even years. I paint on both canvas and panel, but prefer the imperfections and durability of wood - which allows me to scratch, scrape, and dig into the surface – adding dimension and complexity to the work. I use painter’s caulk as a sculptural material for additional texture and contrast - to enhance the process and to convey the depth of the idea or emotion being conveyed.